Polar Pen

Magnetic Polar PenPOLAR is a modular pen and stylus made from completely from magnets. The pen is composed of 13 high-powered neodymium magnets, precision steel parts and a capacitive stylus tip for smart-phones and tablets. This beautifully simple tool can be transformed into endless possibilities. It’s a practical writing instrument, a creative outlet and an excellent gift!

The unique design makes it easy to move seamlessly between paper and touch screens by alternating between one of three pen cartridges and an ultra-fine stylustip.The magnets are axial and polar, so they will push, pull, and stick together. This means that you can chain a few magnets together to create a compass for perfect circles, build simple gyroscopes, assemble perpetual motion devices, and even operate- with the help of copper wire and a small battery- as an electromagnet. Much more than a pen, the Polar Pen changes the way we write!

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