B6 Notepad

B6 Notepad
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Detaillierte Beschreibung

Write in the rain, under the shower, in the pool or even under water! It is possible with the Allwrite®Paper notepad, combined with a Fisher Space Pen. The paper used in the Allwrite®Paper notepad is waterproof. When used in wet conditions or under water, the paper will not wrinkle nor will it lose its structure. Tree-free paper. The source used to make Allwrite®Paper is a common substance, found in rocks all over the world. Allwrite®Paper consists of natural minerals (calcium carbonate) and high definition polyethene (HDPE). No trees, water, chlorine, bleach or other toxics are used in making Allwrite®Paper. By using the Allwrite®Paper notepad or other Allwrite®Paper products you directly contribute to a better, greener and more sustainable planet. Cradle to Cradle certified (Silver), fully recyclable. ISO 9001 and 14001, non-toxic, FDA, REACH and RoHS certified.



binding Side spiral
certifications Cradle to Cradle (Silver)
covers PolyArt
sheets 48 sheets, 120gsm
all_h2o_size B6 (12,5 x 17,6 cm)